Low spend year 23

I have no real idea where I left this blog when I last well …er left it. But I am thinking of documenting a proper no-spend year with simple living. Rather that reviewing the old post and subsequently getting tied up (possibly, but likely I think ) in guilt and regret, I’m going to just sit here and start from here. I’ve had an off and on relationship with minimalism, but I want to try it again. Starting in the new year. The next few days will be the working out of the rules.

It probably won’t be a no spend year even with rules. I know I will be moving and that will be a spending event. I am also moving from a one bedroom apartment with a single long but nookless living space to a two bed with study nook in a different state. I know that in theory I could be a creative purchaser and thrift or footpath “buy” *and I might*, and have friends move me.

But I won’t and here’s why. The disability and the uncertainty that that and the NDIS adds to my life is sufficiently challenging. Plus I’m 45 not in my 20’s so I just want the process to happen.

So it will be a low spend / conscious living year. I will also look to throw out/gift things I am not interested in keeping.

Here are the rules I think will apply so far for the year January 1 2023-31 December 2023.

  • I will use up stationary and lipsticks and the like before buying more/variation, including pens
  • I will sell, regift or donate any decent clothing/accessories
  • I will write down all non essential purchases in one of three lists – minimum wait time on any non essential purchases is 30 mins.
  • My seperate allowed purchases list can change throughout the year.
  • Gifts are ok to those on my “family” list. Preference to be given to one gift giving event, or gift plus fancy dining which can be seperate or combined with the gift. The giftee can choose the date they want to be celebrated with the gift.
  • Dining out, travel and coffee are ok if high value including if only on the Personal ROI scale.
  • Disability takeaway is allowed, boredom takeaway is not.
  • I will use up first wherever possible.
  • Books are allowed if for work or education but books are for reading not ornaments.
  • I will buy/keep for the Real Me not the Aspirational Me.
  • I will focus on having enough without having too much, rather than strictly minimal including taking into account disability.
  • I will look after my hair and face and try and stretch out services.
  • I will strive to be a mindful consumer.
  • When I move home I will do so efficiently but mindfully.
  • I will write down my progress and stay accountable. I might pay for online hosting again, but I want to wait and ensure the accountability piece sticks

Those feel like principles more than rules. Here is what I’m allowed to buy/pay for:

  • Housing costs
  • Actual medications
  • Groceries/consumable
  • One phone line plus iPad data
  • Current subscriptions, but any more need to be on a 1 in/1 out basis
  • Items on the approved items list
  • Items for work or study- but must be reimbursable/tax deductions
  • Repairs
  • Replacements for breakages/ damaged/worn out if the item is thrown out and actually needed.
  • Replacements for used up items that will continue to be used, including alcohol collection.
  • Gifts for “family” see above
  • Dining out, travel and coffee are ok if high value including if only on the Personal ROI scale.
  • 2 donations per month