No. This is not a reference to Prince Harry.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. There have been a few slip ups; ( a lovely skirt that I will get use out of I think, but was a guilt purchase), a food subscription service which might make sense once I move but not now (went with it again out of a sense of duty; one explicit stress purchase, a “I thought they were taking my credit card for future purchases” membership purchase for a franchise that doesn’t exist close by; a new handbag, after I was attacked by a stranger while carrying my one bag, and exactly two boredom takeaways. Not great I guess. But at least I’m conscious right?

I have learnt a few things so far;

  • I need to check the balcony and other storage before getting more of anything. I though I was down to 6 rolls of paper so bought another 12 thinking that depending on the move date that might see me through. Same with toilet cleaner and gloves for my carers. Then I went out on to the balcony only to discover two more boxes of gloves, three things of toilet cleaner and 48 rolls of paper spare on the balcony, and more of different spares in various spots inside (out of my line of sight).
  • Like most women of a certain age or upbringing I know, I need to get better at saying no. Just no. The skirt and yes even the subscription are products of an unwillingness to leave without purchase. I don’t want to disappoint. After the attack whilst I was enquiring at the food subscriptions stand, I felt obliged in a sense to sign up. In fact whether I was still going to sign up was the sales manager’s second question after checking the safety of his staff. I wasn’t obligated. But I felt it. Even in much less dramatic circumstances I tend to feel obliged to buy, as payment for browsing.
  • I get a real buzz out of finishing things. Not so much toilet paper, but a sheet or bottle of tablets or a packet of face wipes, or a tube of toothpaste or face cream I am loving the feeling of emptying something without losing it or losing interest in it first. I think I’ve been guilty of restocking when I was close to the end of something and then starting on the new. I get a real “sparks joy” type feeling.
  • I don’t use as much makeup per application as I think. Nor do I wear it as often as I think I do, or maybe should. When I do wear it I’ve got a lighter touch than others who do my makeup do.

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